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Medication Dispensing

The Philips Medication Dispensing Service can help


Manage medications at home with Philips Lifeline

Healthcare professionals trust Philips Lifeline to help their patients continue to live independently at home. Noew with the Philips Medication Dispensing Service, pre-loaded medications dispense at the times you’ve scheduled. This helps reduce complications from incorrect medication use.


As easy as pressing a button

An audible reminder and flashing light indicate it’s time for medicine. Just the press of a button dispenses medications in an easy-to-handle plastic cup. It’s that simple!


Peace of mind

With Philips Lifeline, caregivers can have peace of mind. That’s because caregivers can be alerted by phone if a dose is missed. So even when a caregiver can’t be there, they can still feel confident their loved ones are adhering to medication regimens.


Full Brochures Below [PDF Versions]:

Medication Dispensing pt. 1

Medication Dispensing pt. 2