(314) 432-7827


How long has StarResource, L.L.C. been providing senior home care services?

Greg Starrs, founder of StarResource, L.L.C., has been an owner or operated senior home care services for over 30 years.  StarResource, L.L.C. was founded in 2004.


Are services available twenty-four hours per day (24/7)?

Yes, our office phone, (314) 432-7827 is answered twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7)  days per week.  Our staff will answer questions, handle scheduling needs or arrange services for you or someone you care for.


What are your caregiver qualifications?

Caregivers must have a desire to provide service to our senior and special needs clients.  In addition, caregivers must have at least 6 months experience as a home care aide, homemaker, companion or equivalent experience caring for children, seniors or individuals with special needs.  Many caregivers have successfully completed formal training as a certified nurse aide, certified medication technician/medication aide or licensed professional nurse.


What are your screening and hiring practices?

StarResource, L.L.C. performs thorough evaluations of prospective employees using employment application, interview, reference checks, testing, credential verification, criminal record check, US Dept of Health & Human Services-Office of Inspector General, Exclusion check, Employee Disqualification List (EDL) check, and Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) check.


Are caregivers treated as employees?

Yes, StarResource, L.L.C. takes care of all payroll, employee and employer taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance, bonding insurance and scheduling responsibilities for you.  All caregivers are employees of StarResource, L.L.C., not independent contractors.


Are caregivers supervised?

Yes, caregivers are supervised by administrative staff and licensed professional nurses (LPN/RN).  Caregivers report in and out using a telephone reporting system with caller id technology to verify that caregivers are in the home.  Additionally, administrative staff and nurses make regular supervisory checks by phone and home visit.


Do caregivers receive training?

Yes, all caregivers participate in orientation and in-service training.  Orientation training consists of company policies and procedures, confidentiality, code of ethics, client rights, abuse and neglect, Alzheimer’s and dementia, safety, universal precautions and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens exposure.  In-service training is provided annually and includes Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.